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Proceedings & Follow-Up

The conference organizers within Coastal CURA hope these proceedings will be a valuable tool for delegates, as well as anyone interested in learning more about integrated natural resource management. We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support, which allowed the conference to take place: The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the International Development Research Centre, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, The Province of Nova Scotia, and Saint Mary's University.

1. Conference Briefing Document- Key Messages Link

2. Conference Evaluation Results Link

3. Conference Proceedings

  Theme 1: Participatory Action Research Towards Innovative Change
  Theme 2: Knowledge Mobilization and Transformative Learning
  Theme 3: Engaging With Power, Relationship Building and Governance
  Theme 4: Enhancing Resilient Livelihoods and Natural Environments
  Theme 5: Cross-cutting Themes


Sunday June 26, 2011: Pre Conference Events

Student Workshop

Link Rachel Long Presentation

Link CChange ICURA Presentation

Link Student Day Reflection Report

Link Student Workshop Reflection Video

Port Mouton Field Trip:

A Community Protecting its Bay


People in Places - Field Trip to Port Mouton

Videos by Tom Sherman (contact)

Digby Field Trip:

The Clam and Lobster Industries

Pictures Coming Soon!

A Coastal Partnership

Coastal CURA Film Premier

Watch the film here.


Monday June 27 - Reflecting on the Past

Keynote Speakers

Clifford Atleo Sr

Link Hishshuk Ish Tsawalk - Everything Is One

Dan Edwards

Link The Importance Of Including Communities Of Place And Local Fisheries In The Development Of Fisheries Policy

Link Rapporteur Notes

Concurrent Sessions AM

Community Engagement In Governance I

M. Bouman & L. Ross

Link ECCo Location: A Place-Based Approach To Enhancing Cultural And Biological Diversity In A Complex Great Lakes Coastal Region

M. Barriteau

Link Sustainable Integrated Development And Biodiversity Conservation In The Grenadine Islands

P. Smith & D. Golden 

First Nations And Climate Change In The Boreal Forest Of Northern Ontario: A Collaborative Approach To Research And Shared Learning

**For more information, please contact the authors directly**     

Local Knowledge

M. Wheeler Wiens

Link Common Land, Common Ground: Imagining Sense Of Place Connections Among Local People In Kenova, Ontario


Link Mobilizing Local Knowledge To Bridge Information Gaps In Climate Change Adaptation Planning

S. Young

Link Fishermen’s Observations Of The Impact Of Aquaculture On Inshore Fisheries, Southwest New Brunswick                                                                                 

Communities & Coastal Management: International Perspectives

D. Lane

Link The C-Change ICURA: Community Adaptation To Coastal Climate: Canada And The Caribbean

C. Seixas

Link Collaborative Coastal Management In Brazil: Accomplishments, Opportunities And Challenges

B. Johnson

Link Developing Facilitation To Assist Stakeholder Engagement And Public Participation In Coastal And Marine Environments; A UK Perspective

Communities & Fisheries Management: International Perspectives

S. Salas

Link Participatory Approach To Implement Development Programs In Coastal Communities: The Case Of The Lobster Fishery In Yucatan, Mexico

A. M. Arce Ibarra

Link A Review Of The Different Meanings Of Fishing For The Maya: Some Field Experiences From Mexico’s Lowland Maya Area

M. Leopold

Link The Success Story Of The Co-Management Of A Sea-Cucumber Fishery (New Caledonia, South Pacific)

Community Stakeholder Engagement in the Maritimes

J. Ford

Link What We Heard: Lessons From DFO’s Consultation To Select The Next Area Of Interest On The Eastern Scotian Shelf For Marine Protected Area Designation

J. Davies & G. Herbert

Link The Southwest New Brunswick Marine Resources Planning Initiative: Community And Government Learning From One Another

R. Singh

Link Historical And Present Local Community Involvement In Musquash Estuary Resource Use And Protection

Concurrent Sessions PM

Community Engagement In Governance II

S. Plante & C. Gagnon

Link Community Involvement And Participatory Action Research

T. Charles

Link A Comparative Analysis Of Community Engagement In Coastal Management

K. Sherren

Link Tackling Tree Decline With Graziers In Australia’s Sheep-Wheat Belt

Knowledge & Governance

J. Savaris

Link Governance At Varying Levels Geared For Effective Mangrove Management: The Kii Experience

D. Curtis

Link The Role Of Information And Knowledge Within Integrated Coastal Management – A Case Study Analysis From The Canadian Maritime Provinces Of New Brunswick And Prince Edward Island  

S. Machum

Participatory Action Research And The Challenge Of Negotiating Multiple Agendas In Social Policy Research

Talking Circle I

W. Bayha, A. Martin And D. Simmons

Talking Circle: Engaging Traditional Knowledge In Research And Decision-Making

Transcripts of Audio Recording

Communities & Forest Management

L. Palmer & P. Smith

Link Emerging Partnerships Between Municipalities And First Nation Communities: New Institutional Arrangements Under Community-Based Forest Management In Northern Ontario

V. Kramkowski-Epner

Link Landscapes In Transition: Planning For Multi-Scale Challenges, Uncertainty And Long-Term Futures In Post-Productivist Forest-Dependent Regions

Participatory Research & Decision Support Tools

S. Salas for O. Huchim

Link Participatory Research To Improve Stock Conditions And Fishers Health: The Lobster Fisheries In Yucatan

H. Coleman

Link Good Practices For Decision Support Tools

K. Baldwin

Link The Development Of A Participatory Marine Resource And Space-Use Information System For The Grenadine Islands And Its’ Implications For Enabling Interactive Governance


Plenary Session

Bonnie McCay, Carol Penton & Gordon Slade

Bringing Community And Fisheries Together: Challenges For Integrated Projects

Link Integrated Approaches to Coastal Community Survival and Development: The Fogo Island Experience

Link The Shorefast Foundation: The Fogo Island Experience

Link Rapporteur Notes


Tuesday June 28 - Iterative Learning in the Present

Keynote Speakers

Jackie Sunde & Merle Sowman

Power In Partnerships And Governance In Process: Reflections On University And Community Engagement In South Africa 

Link Keynote Presentation

Link Rapporteur Note

Concurrent Sessions AM

Aboriginal & Practitioners Knowledge I

S. Kavanah

Link A “Good Feed”: Reverence For Eels As A Guiding Principle Of Traditional Ecological Knowledge And Management Among Participants In The Mi’kmaq Food And Ceremonial Fishery In Unama’ki, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

J. Daniels

Link Exploring Linkages Between Identity And Territory In Place-Based Resource Governance

C. Hutton

Link Coastal First Nations - Community Based Monitoring In The Great Bear Rainforest

Transformative Learning & Story Telling

T. Markvart

Link Community Aggregate Resource Management In Ontario: Local Issues And Opportunities

K. Poirier & J. Spencer

Link "Good Stories Keep On Going": The Story Of The Tsawalk Partnership

Engaging With Power

M. Wiber

Link Places And Power: Governmentality And Integrated Coastal Management

Link Speaker's Notes

K. Bigney-Wilner

Integrated Management In Canada’s Bay Of Fundy: A Critical Policy Analysis

N. Waldeck & H. Smith 

Link Power In Place: Protecting Living Law And Local Knowledge In Coastal Planning Processes

Communities & Watershed Management

I. Novaczek

Mapping Social And Cultural Values In PEI

A. Shott

Link The Nexus Of Citizen Action, Perceived Quality Of Life And The Environment In The Stanley River Watershed Of PEI

K. Caine

Link Water Hearts And Cultural Landscapes: Practical Understanding And Natural Resource Management In The Northwest Territories, Canada

Discussion Session: Biosphere Reserves: A Practitioner’s Panel

S. Mendis-Millard & S. Slocombe

Panelists: Shanna Fiddler, Laura Loucks, Liz Maccormick, Brad Toms, Kejimkujik National Park Representative

Link Introduction by Sharmalene Mendis-Millard

Link Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere Reserve Association - Question Slides

Link Rapporteur Notes

Concurrent Sessions PM

Aboriginal & Practitioners Knowledge II

W. Bayha, A. Martin & D. Simmons

Stories, Harvesting, And Relationships: Renewing Indigenous Land Stewardship

D. Aberly & B. Wadhams

Link No Permission Required: Walking The Talk In First Nation Natural Resources Stewardship

A. Thompson

Link The Gwich'in Renewable Resources Board: An Example Of Northern Co-Management

Education & Knowledge Transfer

V. Douglas

Link Ecological Literacy In Coastal Issues: Comparisons Of A New Brunswick City And A Northern Community

C. Voss

Link Contributions Of Traditional Ecological Knowledge To Conservation Strategies: The Impacts Of Cultural Context, Spiritual Frameworks And Educational Systems

F. First Charger

Link Using Elders In The Educational Institution

Link Bio for Francis First Charger

Building Partnerships For Effective Stewardship

C. Parlee

Link Alternative Dispute Resolution: Can It Advance The Stated Policies Of Integrated Management In Canadian Fisheries And Oceans?

G. Le Boutillier

Link The St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association

Socio-Ecological Resilience & Risk Management

E. Mayrand 

Link Sharing Of Local And Scientific Knowledge As A Tool To Co-Construct A Resilience Strategy In A Coastal Community

L. Loucks

Link Reflections On Resilience And Integrated Marine Planning In Clayoquot Sound

L. Wilson

Link Understanding The Relationship Between Risk And Resilience In A Small–Scale Coastal Social-Ecological Fishery System

Workshop: Film As A Tool For Community Voice

S. Bood & M. Stiegman

Film As A Tool For Community Voice 

Link Rapporteur Notes


Plenary Session

Doug Aberly, Ana Minerva Arce Ibarra, Walter Bayha, Alice Martin

The Current State Of Aboriginal Resource Management

Link Rapporteur Notes


Wednesday June 29 - Policy & Planning for the Future

Keynote Speakers

Fikret Berkes

Link What Have We Learned About Building Knowledge And Capacity Through Participatory Networks?

Evelyn Pinkerton

Link The Role Of The Moral Economy In 21st Century Strategies For Community-Based Resource Management

Link Rapporteur Notes

Concurrent Sessions AM

Workshop: Helping Coastal Communities Anticipate And Plan For Future Climates

A. Warburton & K. Mckenzie

Link Helping Coastal Communities Anticipate And Plan For Future Climates

Link Rapporteur Notes

Community University Research For Recovery Alliance I

B. Neis

Link Laying The Foundations For Fisheries Recovery On Newfoundland’s West Coast

D. Walsh

Link How Fish Ends Up On The Table: Fish Commodity Chains And Networks

K. Lowitt

Link Exploring Opportunities For Fisheries-Tourism Development In The Bonne Bay Region Of Newfoundland

A. Best & M. Ryan

Link School Work: Fisheries Stewardship And Marine Careers

Link Rapporteur Notes

Discussion Session: Uu-A-Thluk

D. Hall & D. Foxcroft

Uu-A-Thluk (Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council’s Fisheries Department)

How Can We Create Collective, Collaborative Resource Management Between Communities That Honour Nations’ Differences Yet Provide Advantages To All Nations Involved? How Will Recognition Of Aboriginal Rights And Title Improve The Decision Making Authority Of First Nations?

Link Rapporteur Notes

Link Prezi Presentation

Community Engagement: Working Across Different Scales & Issues 

H. Squires

Link Participatory Modeling And Stakeholder Knowledge Systems

H. Mostofi

Link Coastal Communities Impacts, Vulnerabilities and Resilience under Environmental Threats: Decision Support with Community Participation

A. Ouma

Link From Gift to Commodity: Perspectives on Commercialisation and Commodification of Traditional Medicinal Knowledge in the Eastern Lake Victoria Region

Coastal Livelihoods

G. Sharp

Link Inuit Development And Management Of Seaweed Resources In Nunavik, Quebec, Canada

S. Arnold

Link Changing How We Get Our Fish: Community Supported Fisheries

A. Sprague

Link Voices For Our Coast - Video

Concurrent Sessions PM

Workshop: A Coastal Act For Nova Scotia: To Advise Or Regulate?

Coastal Coalition Of Nova Scotia (CCNS)

A Coastal Act For Nova Scotia: To Advise Or Regulate? 

Link Coastal Coalition Of Nova Scotia (CCNS) - Presentation

Link R. Capozi Presentation

Link Rhode Island Ocean Spatial Area Management Plan (SAMP) Presentation 1

Link Rhode Island Ocean Spatial Area Management Plan (SAMP) Presentation 2

Link Rhode Island Ocean Spatial Area Management Plan (SAMP) Presentation 3

Link Rapporteur Notes

Community University Research For Recovery Alliance II

K. Blanchard

Link Combining Harvester Knowledge With Science In Educational Materials For Marine Species At Risk

A. Best

Link Pride Of Place: The Great Northern Peninsula Heritage Network

R. Hooper & B. Neis

Link Effects Of The CURRA Project On The Role Of A University Field Station In A Coastal Newfoundland Community

Link Rapporteur Notes

Talking Circle II  

W. Bayha, A. Martin And D. Simmons

Engaging Traditional Knowledge In Research And Decision-Making

Communities & Coastal Fisheries

N. Schell

Link Perceptions Of Co-Management Theory And Practice In Small-Scale Fisheries In South Africa

S.A. Cox

Link Adaptive Co-Management: An Innovative Approach To The Management Of The Sea Urchin Fisheries In Barbados And St. Lucia

K. Olson

Link Voluntary Closures In Fisheries Management: Avoiding ‘Quick Fix’ Solutions


Plenary Session

Visions For The Role Of Communities In Integrated Resource Management

Panel 1: Academic & Government Perspectives

Tony Charles, Rick Williams, Tim Hall

Panel 2: Community Voice

Cliff Atleo, Dan Edwards, and Jackie Sunde

Link Rapporteur Notes


Poster & Booth Session

Martin Barriteau

Sustainable Integrated Development And Biodiversity Conservation In The Grenadine Islands

Sheila Omom

Link Hiv/Aids And Artisanal Fisheries:A Case Study Of Lake Victoria Kenya

Link Abstract

Rod Beresford

Link Working Together To Re-Establish The Bras D’or Oyster Industry  

Monik Richard

Clean Annapolis River Project’s River Guardian Program: 20 Years Of Successful Community Watershed Management

Link Poster 1

Link Poster 2

Jacklyn Chisholm-Lightbourne

Community Driven Sustainable Development In South Eleuthera, Bahamas: A Local Participatory Governance Model 

Shannon Scott-Tibbetts

Link Fishermen and Scientists Research Society Lobster Recruitment Index from Standard Traps (LRIST)

Jarrett Corke

Link Protecting Canadian Shark Populations  

Catherine Sabinot

Link Governance And Resource Management In Native And Migrant Communities On Gabon Coast

Shelly Ann Cox

The Cultural Context Of The Sea Urchin Fisheries Of Barbados And St. Lucia: A Muse For Artistic Pursuits    

Hubert Saulnier

Hubert Saulnier Pioneering Seafood Traceability in the Atlantic Lobster Fishery

Nancy Doubleday & Fikret Berkes

Link Coastal Communities And Ecohealth  

Glyn Sharp

An Inuit Seaweed Industry In Nunavik, Quebec, Canada

Jacob Etzkorn & Sarah Klain

Link Assessing The Contribution Of Marine Ecosystems To Local Communities: The Marine Economy Of The Mount Waddington Regional District  

Friends of Port Mouton Bay (web)

Link A Community’s Experience With Salmon Aquaculture - Port Mouton Bay, Nova Scotia

Kaitlin Fahey

Managing Adaption To Environmental Change In Coastal Communities: Canada & The Caribbean 

Titus Tienaah

Community-Based Participation In Coastal Management Through Local Knowledge

Deirdre Jafferally & Lakeram Haynes

Link Local Scale Arapaima Fish Management In The North Rupununi, Guyana: Lessons Learned

Daniel Utting

Coastal Hazard Mapping For Community Planning, An Example From Yarmouth

Jodi Johnston

Implications Of Climate Change For Inuit Marine Harvesting: A Case Study Of Narwhal Adaptive Co-Management In Arctic Bay, Nunavut  

Coral Voss

Link Contributions Of Traditional Ecological Knowledge To Conservation Strategies: The Impacts Of Cultural Context, Spiritual Frameworks And Educational Systems

Rachel Long

Link The Key Elements Of Ecosystem-Based Management And An Assessment Of Their Application In 3 Fisheries In The Bay Of Fundy  

Carolea White

Link Fundy Fixed Gear Council: Community-Based Governance By Inshore Fishermen In The Bay Of Fundy

Elizabeth Maccormick

Link The Bras D’or Lake Biosphere Reserve Association: Supporting Balanced And Sustainable Development In An Ecologically And Culturally Diverse Watershed   

Melanie Zurba

Link Caring For Country Through Participatory Art: An Emerging Method For Exploring Regional Values And Aspirations

Amanda Mackenzie & Kraig Babin

Link Engaging Fishermen In Right Whale Stewardship

Coastal CURA (Community-University Research Alliance)

Link CURA Matrix

Hooman Mostofi

Link Coastal Communities Impacts, Vulnerabilities And Resilience Under Environmental Threats: Decision Support With Community Participation

Donna Curtis

Link Capture Fishing and Related Children’s Books – A small bibliography

Bear River First Nation

Link "Netukulimk"

University of Capetown Environmental Evaluation Unit

Link Power in Place: protecting living law and local knowledge at the Olifantsriver Estuary, South Africa


People in Places Film Festival

Ricardo Torres

Link Recovering mangrove cover in Mahahual, Mexico

Alison Shott      

Link Change has Come

Kathleen Blanchard

Link Cod: Renewing A Bountiful Catch

Jean-Michel Boré & Marc Léopold

Link The Success Story of the Co-Management of a Sea-Cucumber Fishery

Dawn Foxcroft

Link Nashuk Youth Council Digital Stories

Katie Jewett & Bridget Connolly

Link Preserving the Catch

Sarah Bood & Coastal CURA

Link A Maritime Partnership: Stories of Integrated Management

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5. Other Contributions

Photo Journal of the People in Places Conference

By Francis First Charger


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Film: A Coastal Partnership

Maritime Stories of
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People in Places
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